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Icom Showcases Innovative Maritime Communication Products on Stand B151 at Seawork 2013

Icom Showcases Innovative Maritime Communication Products on Stand B151 at Seawork 2013

On show at Seawork 2013 will be Icom’s new range of marine VHF radios as well as its new Marine Commander Navigation System. Other new products being introduced at Seawork include a new 'black box' marine transceiver, IC-M400BB, and the IC-M73EURO. This handheld incorporates two new important features; a new voice recording function and Icom’s active Noise Cancelling Technology.

Also on view will be the Icom Marine Commander Navigation System. The system integrates AIS data from a compatible transponder or receiver, radar information and displays data from a sounder/fish finder. It has the capacity to display real-time fuel consumption, engine speed, depth and temperature, and has provisions for four on-board cameras to be connected (via RCA connectors). Two 12.1 inch TFT displays can be connected to the Marine Commander’s main processor.

As well as being displayed on the Icom stand B151, this new Navigational system will be on show on the Channel Chieftain VI, a new 19m Crew Cat. Channel Chieftain VI is the first vessel in its class to feature a semi-elevated helm, with windows going around the whole cabin. As part of its build, Icom’s new Marine Commander Navigational System was installed to provide a networked solution for navigational and communication equipment for the vessel.

A range of other solutions will be on show including Icom’s IDAS range of digital two way radios, the onboard radio solution that satisfies the legal requirements of the onboard UHF specification ETS 300 720-1. Icom’s AIS product range and ATEX products suitable for use in hazardous areas such as oil rigs and on petrol tankers will also be on display.

Seawork International Exhibition takes place in the Canary Islands Fruit Terminal, Southampton between 25th and 27th of June 2013 and attracts over 7200 commercial visitors. A three day conference programme runs alongside the Seawork exhibition presented by Industry experts.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘Clear, reliable voice and data communication in the commercial maritime sector plays a pivotal role in delivering operational efficiency and improved safety and security. That’s where Icom radios have always come in, providing a range of superior products with excellent features’.

To find out more about this international show, please visit the Seawork International website http:// To see Icom’s extensive range of radio communication and navigational products, please go to the

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