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D-STAR LIVE, Your D-STAR Questions Answered!

D-STAR LIVE, Your D-STAR Questions Answered!

Your D-STAR questions will be hopefully answered at D-STAR Live, a live/web based event broadcasting from George Gwinnett College in the US on the 11th March 2017 1200-1600 EST (UTC-5) 0900-1300 PST. The event will feature a D-STAR panel of experts who will be discussing various aspects of the D-STAR System, including updating/programming your radio, different D-STAR models and more.

The panel will include

• Ed Woodrick WA4YIH (
• John Davis WB4QDX (Georgia D-STAR)
• Ray Novak N9JA (Icom America)
• Robin Cutshaw AA4RC (Internet Labs)

Some of the planned discussions areas include:

• Setting up a new radio
• Updating / Programming
• New features of ID-51Plus2 and ID-4100
• Icom G3 Software
• D-STAR Comparison
• D-STAR Devices
• Questions

Questions will be accepted from the audience, both in-person and from the Internet

If you want to submit a question or want to see the live stream from the Icom America website, visit:

Icom UK Marketing -


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