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IC-7700 HF/50MHz transceiver firmware update (Version 2.0), available now!

IC-7700 HF/50MHz transceiver firmware update (Version 2.0), available now!

This is to inform you that Icom Inc. has published a firmware update for the IC-7700. The firmware update is free to download.

The new update follows a similar upgrade made to the IC-7800 last year and is aimed at providing sharpened performance and a greater user experience for operators.

New and improved features include:

1. Spectrum Waterfall Display: Review RF and AF characteristics on the IC-7700’s impressive 7-inch color LCD. Includes a wide screen setting.

2. PC Mouse Operation:Connect a mouse via USB to select operating frequency and control the spectrum scope.

3. Audio Scope Function: Review the FFT scope with waterfall and oscilloscope. In CW mode, observe mic compressor level and other attributes.

4. Digital Voice Recorder: Automatically capture incoming/outgoing calls onto an external memory card or flash drive.

5. Direct Remote Control Operation: Connect directly to an IP network using Icom’s optional RS-BA1 software and the IC-7700’s internal base station function. (A user operation PC is still required; a base station PC is not.)

For more information, please refer to IC-7700 Information for Firmware version 2.00: .

The firmware can be downloaded from the following URL from the Icom Inc website:

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