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Video Introduction to the IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT Radio

Video Introduction to the IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT Radio

We have uploaded a video introduction to Icom’s forthcoming IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT radio on our YouTube channel.

The IC-SAT100 is Icom’s Satellite PTT handheld radio that uses the Iridium satellite communication network. Unlike satellite phones, the IC-SAT100 will provide radio service to users with a push of the transmit (PTT) button. It can be used as a communication tool in remote, isolated areas where there is no mobile phone coverage or landline network infrastructure, such as mountainous areas, remote islands and desert areas. Even if terrestrial network infrastructure is rendered unusable by human or natural disasters, satellite communication can provide a stable backup.

Icom and Iridium have signed an exclusive partnership and we are very excited about the launch of this radio.

To view this video overview, click on Introduction to the IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT Radio.

You can find out more by visiting the IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT product page.

At present, we do not have a UK delivery date for the IC-SAT100. We encourage you to sign up to our newsletter or our social media channels for future updates.

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