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WLAN Radio System for the Maritime Environment!

WLAN Radio System for the Maritime Environment!

Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System is an innovative, licence free communication solution that works over Wireless LAN (WLAN) and IP networks. The system utilises a network controller and radio handsets to provide secure conversation via WLAN security protocols. In the maritime environment it can be used in ports and marinas, at sea on cruise ships, commercial vessels or Super yachts…anywhere there is existing WLAN.

The system has many major benefits in maritime use. Traditionally, getting coverage with a radio system through thick steel walls and floors is difficult and costly. With the IP radio system you only require access to the existing wireless network! Wherever you have Wi-Fi you have communication.

The system can be configured in different ways (All Call / Group Call / Individual Call) to provide effective onboard ship comms between crew such as engineers and deck hands. When a radio handset is connected to an optional headset, the system is capable of hands-free, full duplex communication allowing users to transmit/receive (talk/listen) concurrently.

Each handset is IPX7 waterproof (1m depth water for 30 minutes) making it ideal for work on deck. The handset features a Li-Ion battery pack which allows for up to 20 hours operation. The audio quality of the handset is higher than in a traditional radio communication system, comparable to regular telephone communication. Since the IP products are licence free, you do not apply for international licenced channels.

Potentially the system can connect with remote sites over an Internet VPN. You can also dial in and reprogram over the air with VPN access. We have seen examples of vessels in the Atlantic being reprogrammed from their base in the UK.

With Icom's optional VE-PG3 RoIP gateway, the IP advanced radio system can interconnect with IP phones, digital two way radios, mobile phones and even Marine VHF’s (via a SIP server).

There has been large uptake of the system in all business sectors and it is already in use in the maritime industry for deck hands on vessels. The diversity of this system seems to be virtually limitless and anywhere there is a requirement for two way business radio!

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