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Icom IC-9700 Firmware (Version 1.06)/ IC-R8600 Firmware (Version 1.34) Updates

Icom IC-9700 Firmware (Version 1.06)/ IC-R8600 Firmware (Version 1.34) Updates

Icom Inc. has released a firmware update for both the IC-9700 VHF/UHF SDR Transceiver and IC-R8600 Communications SDR Receiver.

The firmware updates provide the following:

IC-9700 Firmware (Version 1.06)
• Improved the accuracy of the automatic reference frequency calibration.
• Fixed unintended indication on the DR screen.
• Eliminated RX audio gap when changing the IF filter in the DV mode.

IC-R8600 Firmware (Version 1.34)
(Please note that there are both USA and non-USA updates)

• The MAC address item has been added in the set mode.
• The file split function that records received audio (depending on the squelch being opened or closed) has been improved.
• The noise reduction function has been improved.
• Fixed an issue where the RX audio level may change when the bass level is increased.

This firmware can be downloaded from the following URL from the Icom Inc website:

Please note to follow the instructions carefully when performing either update.

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