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Multi-station Capability of Icom’s Next Generation IDAS Mobile Series

Multi-station Capability of Icom’s Next Generation IDAS Mobile Series

The new IDAS range of digital two way radios provide great choice and versatile features. But did you know about the multi-station capability of the IC-F5400D Digital Mobile Series which provides second and third station capability as well as intercom for vehicles with more than one console?

This multi-station capability, using the optional COMMANDMIC, makes it suitable for many commercial applications including:

• Military vehicles.
• Command & control vehicles.
• Racing teams.
• Central Management of radio hire fleets.

So how does it work?
Three types of controller configurations are available to suit almost any vehicle application or installation:

• Detached Controller: A detached controller head with a separated RF unit is simple to install in almost any vehicle. Optional RMK-5 and separation cable required.

• Dual Head Controller: Suitable for double cab vehicles. Install the controller head to front and rear seats respectively. Optional RMK-7, hand microphone and separation cables required.

• COMMANDMIC and Detached Controller: The COMMANDMIC is handy for installing a work platform on the rear part of the vehicle. Requires optional RMK-5, COMMANDMIC, HM-218 and separation cables.

If you are interested in seeing the benefits these controllers can provide your vehicle/vehicle fleet, contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or email to the address below.

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