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Icom Support Swimming the Solent Charity Swim with Safety Radios

Icom Support Swimming the Solent Charity Swim with Safety Radios

Icom is pleased to continue its support of the safety team for this year's Ian Pratt Challenge (Swimming the Solent for MND) which will take place from July 25th - 27th. The annual charity swim will take a route between Ryde on the Isle of Wight and Gosport on the mainland. It's a busy stretch of water with challenging tides, boating traffic and choppy sea. It's certainly a challenge for all the swimmers.

This year there are 54 swimmers taking part over five crossings. 24 swimming on July 25th and 26th, with the remainder swimming on the 27th. Each year the event is always oversubscribed, and the event always raises vital money for the charity. Along with 54 Swimmers, the event will have 20 kayakers, 4 people on the Shore Support Safety teams, 4 Power Boats and an army of other supporters. The event takes months of planning each year to ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely.

The event is now in its 6th year and so far, has raised over £160,000 for MND charities, donations to research projects and grants to people affected with MND are allocated making life hopefully a little easier in the time of need.

Richard Dawson, Kayak Support Organiser said, 'Safety is paramount. Each swimmer is paired with an experienced Kayaker who guides the swimmer over the channel of water, along with Rebel Marine who provide four powerboats to ensure everyone is safe. Rebel Marine then communicate with the Authorities to ensure that all agencies are kept up to date of the progress of the event. '

He added,' In previous years only the lead Kayakers carried radios meaning they could communicate with each other and the support boats and shore team. However, last year ICOM loaned us an Icom Regatta Pack, which meant that all Kayakers carried a radio. This meant that everybody could all communicate with each other, the support boats and the shore. Having the ability to call out a change of direction and asking for assistance is vital when we are in such a busy stretch of water. It added an essential level of communication.'

If people are interested in this event and want to provide donations, visit the Swimming the Solent website:

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