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Icom Marine VHF Found Washed Up on a Beach… and Still Works!

Icom Marine VHF Found Washed Up on a Beach… and Still Works!

Every now and again we hear stories from Icom customers letting us know how their radios have performed under extreme circumstances. We were lucky enough to have Nicholas Calcutt, from Essex, contact us to share his story of an IC-M25EURO that was washed up on a beach.

Nicholas, a keen sailor with his yacht ‘Simbal’, was walking along the beach at Point Clear, Essex, when he noticed something submerged in the sand. After closer inspection he pulled the lump out of the sand and found it to be an IC-M25EURO marine VHF transceiver.

‘I thought there was no way it would work’ said Nicholas. ‘I took it away, washed off all the dried seaweed and sand in clean water and shook it out. I then opened the USB charge socket on the side of the radio, and it was full of sand, but the square rubber block had kept the water out.’

‘I brushed the sand out, put the handheld on charge and – to my amazement – it worked fine! It is still working now! It’s a tribute to the design and build quality of Icom products – well done Icom!’

If you have a story about your Icom radio that has withstood an extraordinary event that you would like to share, contact us via the email below and we could publish your story.

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