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Introducing Icom UK’s LTE Radio Mapping Software

Introducing Icom UK’s LTE Radio Mapping Software

Icom’s LTE radio system has fast become one of the most popular radio solutions for many organisations. The system which uses the LTE (4G) and 3G networks provides great quality and licence free wide-area radio coverage without the need for investment in a radio infrastructure.

The other thing that organisations have been impressed by is Icom UK’s accompanying LTE Radio Mapping Software. The Icom LTE Mapping Software will allow a management team to view their whole fleet of LTE radios via a secure online portal, helping make sure that users are safe and protected. You can be anywhere in the world and you can still access this management system to monitor your fleet of radios. The software features an accessible, user friendly interface making it very simple to use.

The Icom LTE Radio Mapping Software has been developed in-house by Icom UK’s software development team. The software is continually evolving with a full LTE Radio Dispatcher in development. This will have many other features including allowing an organisation to view ‘GPS history’ and ‘Data Usage’ of the LTE radios. Other features that will be part of the LTE Radio Dispatcher include ‘Radio Security Function’ so if a radio goes missing you will have the option to ‘Kill’ the SIM card in the radio, or if found/retrieved, ‘Revive’ the radio. A planned ‘Emergency Reporting Function’ will allow you to receive a notification and display this on the map when an emergency button is pressed on one of the LTE radios.

iOS and Android Apps are also in development which will allow you to view all your radio management system information on a mobile phone/tablet device via the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Should you be interested in what the Icom LTE radio system can offer your business and want to find out more visit the dedicated LTE radio section of our website. Alternatively contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

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