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Latest Video: ‘Introduction to the Icom LTE/PoC Two Way Radio System’

Latest Video: ‘Introduction to the Icom LTE/PoC Two Way Radio System’

Icom’s LTE Two Way Radio System is proving to be very popular with many organisations and businesses in the UK. We have put together a video about it.

The video covers:

• How the Icom LTE/PoC two-way radio system works
• The features of the system
• The product range including the IP501H/IP503H LTE handset, IP501M LTE mobile, VE-SP1 Desktop Conference Speaker, VE-PG4 RoIP Gateway Module
• The range of accessories
• The despatcher manager which will allow you to track your fleet of LTE/PoC radios.

To watch this video, which is on our YouTube channel, click on ‘Introduction to the Icom LTE/PoC Two Way Radio System’.

For more details on the LTE Two Way Radio system, visit the dedicated section on our website.

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