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Introducing the IP503H LTE/PoC Radio…Same Great Looks, Even Better Audio

Introducing the IP503H LTE/PoC Radio…Same Great Looks, Even Better Audio

Icom has made an upgrade to its best-selling IP501H. Called the IP503H and visually identical to its predecessor, the IP503H has an all new internal speaker and driver which will provide an impressive 900mW of loud audio output power. That’s even better than before providing upgraded crisp, clear sound that makes our LTE unit ideal for use in ultra-noisy environments.

So as well as getting:

• Nationwide, European* + Global* Coverage Over 4G/LTE Networks (*local roaming charges may apply)
• Full duplex communication
• Multiple User Communication
• Emergency button and emergency-related features, including Man Down function and lone worker functions.
• Priority interrupt
• Compact and lightweight
• IP67 Dust-Proof & Waterproof + MIL 810G ratings
• Bluetooth functionality
• Vibration alert
• Licence-Free
• Built-in GPS & Mapping (mapping available on request and subject to conditions and charges)

…you now get even better audio performance, all at the same amazing price.

For more information about this product visit IP503H LTE/PoC Radio/Handset Product Page.

If you have any question about the IP503H or anything else in our LTE/PoC range contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

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