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New Icom LTE Remote Speaker Microphone for Vehicle Operation

New Icom LTE Remote Speaker Microphone for Vehicle Operation

Adding to our growing range of LTE/PoC radio solutions is the new HM-230HB Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) designed to work with the Icom IP501M LTE mobile radio. The handheld interface is much larger than a standard speaker microphone and incorporates a large LCD screen replicating the current mobile display information of the radio, allowing the operator to see clearly at a glance. A 10-key keypad allows the user to access all the features of the mobile radio.

The HM-230HB is suitable for vehicle fleets where space on a dashboard is at a premium such as taxis, buses and Lorries. The main radio unit can be fitted out of sight and the RSM mounted neatly on the dashboard.

The HM-230HB has a great ergonomic design and would be ideal for commercial operators wanting single-handed control including those on Command & control vehicles or those involved in the management of a control room.

The HM-230HB is now available. For more details about this new product and the LTE mobile radio that it works with, visit the dedicated IP501M LTE mobile radio page on our website. Alternatively, contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or via the email address below.

* Guidance about the use of radio equipment in vehicles can be found on our website: The Use of Two Way Radio Equipment in a Vehicle

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