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New Two Way Business Radio Videos from Icom UK

New Two Way Business Radio Videos from Icom UK

Icom UK have added two new business radio videos to its YouTube channel. Both videos cater for either end of the business radio user spectrum…pardon the pun!

The first video called ‘Using a Two Way Radio - The Basics of Communicating’ dispels the myth that two way radios are difficult to use. The one minute video goes through the simple process of making a call using an Icom licence free radio.

The second video, ‘Icom’s RMS-Net - Radio Management System Explained’ gives an overview about our in-house two way radio management system. RMS-Net underpins many Icom digital/analogue systems providing efficient communication within the workforce and improved management of health and safety throughout the organisation.

To view these videos go to:

Using a Two Way Radio - The Basics of Communicating

Icom’s RMS-Net - Radio Management System Explained

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