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Video: ‘Introducing the IC-705 QRP SDR transceiver’

Video: ‘Introducing the IC-705 QRP SDR transceiver’

With the release of the much-anticipated IC-705 QRP SDR transceiver just around the corner, we've managed to get hold of a pre-production sample. We decided what better way to show our game changing new radio than put it in the hands of Bob McCreadie (G0FGX) of TX Films who recently put it through its paces and produced this video to share his thoughts and reactions.

In the video Bob…

- Goes through a rundown of the IC-705’s many features and picks up on how simple and intuitive the IC-705 is to use.
- Demonstrates the compact and lightweight body of the IC-705 and the flexibility of its power supply.
- Shows the multiband capability of the radio…literally a ‘shack in a box’.
- Highlights its impressive, bright and intuitive 4.3″ colour touch screen display as used on other Icom SDR radios like the market leading IC-7300 and IC-9700 models.
- Gives us a sneak peek of the LC-192 Backpack designed especially for this radio looks like.

To view this film, click on ‘Introducing the IC-705 QRP SDR transceiver Video’.

For more details about the IC-705 visit the ‘IC-705 Product Page’.

For more information about TX Films and their regular programme dedicated to the great hobby of Amateur Radio visit

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