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Follow the Icom UK Video Streaming during the ‘Southampton Boatshow’

Follow the Icom UK Video Streaming during the ‘Southampton Boatshow’

Nothing much is as normal this year and the Southampton Boatshow is no exception, but we intend to bring some of the boat show to you. We are planning a stream of demonstrations essentially bringing our usual stand outside Ocean Hall to wherever you are.

The video streaming will be run on our Facebook page at 1 pm during the weekdays of the show:

• Monday, 14th September – Introducing the Icom range of Handheld VHF radios.
• Tuesday, 15th September- Introducing the IC-M423GE and IC-M400BBE.
• Wednesday, 16th September – Exploring the Icom range of fixed VHF radios.
• Thursday, 17th September – Icom AIS products.
• Friday, 18th September – Frequently Asked Questions?

And if you cannot make the first time, you can catch up with the videos on our Facebook page after at

If you have any questions about our product or marine radio in general for the live stream, please send them prior to the broadcast to the email address below.

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