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Introducing the LC-192 Backpack for the IC-705 QRP SDR transceiver

Introducing the LC-192 Backpack for the IC-705 QRP SDR transceiver

The Icom LC-192 is a new dedicated backpack specifically designed for the Icom IC-705. The multi-function backpack has many features including space for an external antenna and cables as well as sufficient area to store your IC-705 and all your accessories. The LC-192 is the ideal accessory to compliment your IC-705.

Everything has been thought of with the design of the LC-192. On the top of the backpack is a separate compartment for the radio to sit securely in. Below that is a larger compartment to allow you to store accessories including, power supply, batteries, cables, etc. An adjustable divider keeps everything well in order and secure.

The backpack is well padded with protective cushioning to protect the IC-705 and accessories from knocks. The back of the LC-192 is equipped with breathable padding (as well as the carrying straps) so that the LC-192 can be carried comfortably on longer and outings.

A light plastic mounting plate is attached to the side, which allows the use of small portable antennas. There are also holes in the backpack to run cables. Alternatively, with the optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset you can use your IC-705 wirelessly.

LC-192 Main Features
• Dedicated optional backpack for the IC-705
• Side plate for an antenna installation
• Accessory pockets that hold three BP-272 battery packs
• Pocket for A4 size documents
• Antenna/microphone port
• Shoulder strap with hooks to hang a handheld radio/microphone
• Flexible partition boards included
• Call sign holder

You can also personalise your backpack in just a few steps, by creating your own label with your call sign.

1. Download the LC-192 Callsign Template PDF file on the side of this page with 12 different templates and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
2. Click on the callsign part of the opened PDF and type in your call sign. The typed call sign will be reflected on all 12 templates.
3. Print the template.
4. Cut out your favourite call sign template and put it in the call sign plate holder of the LC-192 backpack.

Please note that printed characters/colours may stick to the cover of the call sign plate holder.

To watch a video overview made by Icom about this backpack, please click on LC-192 Multi-Function Backpack for IC-705 QRP SDR transceiver.

To download a high-resolution image of the picture shown, please visit our image bank at

The LC-192 backpack is now available now from authorised Icom Amateur radio dealers!

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