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Hiring 2 way radios this Summer 2012?

Hiring 2 way radios this Summer 2012?

If you are looking to organise an event such as a concert, festival, fun run, school fete, carnival or even a sports tournament, one of your considerations will be the use of two way radios to help you manage your event.

But did you know that there may be a shortage of two way hire radio this year? This will be due to the high demand for two way radio walkie talkies throughout the summer months from all types of businesses and events associated with the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympic Games (both before and after).

If you feel you are going to need radios this Summer and want to be supplied by an approved Icom Two Way Radio dealer, please contact our sales department on 01227 741741 or via email at the sales email address below.

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