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AL-705 Magnetic Loop Antenna for the Icom IC-705

AL-705 Magnetic Loop Antenna for the Icom IC-705

The AL-705 is a new, versatile portable magnetic loop antenna from Alpha Antenna. As part of a special agreement with Icom, the AL-705 is now an official partner product for our ground-breaking new radio, the IC-705.

The AL-705 operates on the 10 to 40 metre Amateur radio bands. The antenna's compact design allows it to be stored in the lower section of our LC-192 backpack for easy storage and transportation.

Once deployed, the antenna's maximum diameter of 26.5 inches or just over 67.3 cms, means it is easy to manipulate and mount conveniently wherever needed.

Maximum power handling is 20 Watts SSB, 10 Watts CW & Digital.

The AL-705 comes with 15 feet/4.57 metres of feedline, with BNC and PL-259 connectors.

The AL-705 is available from authorised Icom Amateur radio dealers.

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