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Icom Unveils New IC-FR5300 Professional Repeater Series

Icom Unveils New IC-FR5300 Professional Repeater Series

Icom has introduced a new series of professional VHF/UHF repeaters called the IC-FR5300 Series. The IC-FR5300 series provides a flexible communication platform that supports a range of system configurations including analogue, IDAS digital and IP network connectivity. The repeater series is scalable for IDAS digital radio linking, IDAS voting, IDAS trunking (single-site and multi-site) and IDAS simulcast conventional. All you need to do is add the UC-FR5300 controller board plus the correct CF card to enable the necessary functions.

Features of this new and powerful repeater include a completely new CPU/FPGA platform, 25W output at 100% duty cycle operation, multiple tone-groups using CTCSS, DTCS and digital RAN, ±0.1 ppm high-frequency stability with 1 pps signal. The repeater has a 32-channel capacity with five programmable buttons and a receiver voting function that improves the talkback capability of radio terminals in the field.

The IP remote maintenance feature makes administration just that much easier. The optional UC-FR5300 controller board is also backwards-compatible with the IC-FR5000; the IC-FR5300 can also operate on an existing network with other IC-FR5000 repeaters, so no need to replace older models.

For more information about this product, visit the IC-FR5300 Digital Commercial Repeater product page on our website. Alternatively, give our team a call on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

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