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AH-705 HF/50 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner for the IC-705, Now Available!

AH-705 HF/50 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner for the IC-705, Now Available!

We are pleased to inform you that the Icom AH-705 automatic antenna tuner for the IC-705 is now available from Icom UK dealers. The AH-705 is a small portable antenna tuner that has been designed to work between the 1.8-50MHz bands. It can be powered either by alkaline batteries or DC 13.8V supply.

AH-705 HF/50 MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner Features

  • Covers the 1.8 MHz to 50 MHz bands, using a long wire element
  • 2-way power sources using alkaline batteries or 13.8 V DC (13.8 V DC should be taken directly from an external power supply, not through the IC-705.)
  • Latching relays used for saving power consumption
  • IP54 dust-protection and water-resistant construction for outdoor use
  • Compact design that neatly fits in the optional LC-192 multi-function backpack

Further information about the AH-705 HF/50 MHz automatic antenna tuner can be found by clicking on the downloadable PDF on the side of this page. Please note that the PL-259 Terminal Connector adapter is not included with EU and UK versions.

The AH-705 has a suggested retail price of £309.60 including VAT.

To download a high-resolution image of this new product, please visit our image bank at

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