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Icom IC-7610 Firmware Update (Version 1.30)

Icom IC-7610 Firmware Update (Version 1.30)

Icom has released a firmware update for the IC-7610 SDR HF/50MHz Transceiver.

The firmware update provides the following improvements:

Changes from Version 1.30
The spectrum scope has been improved.

- Scroll mode allows you to seamlessly change the displayed scope range, depending on the operating frequency.
- A popup screen displays when SPAN or EDGE is selected or added.
- The number of FIX EDGE memories has been increased to 4.
- Reference level is independently memorised for each band.
- The Reference level of the Centre mode scope screen while transmitting is fixed at a set level independent of the user’s selection.
- The Scope function of the RS-BA1 has been improved.

Other changes
- The transceiver’s settings are now retained after updating the firmware. (not when reverting to an older version)
- While operating in the Data mode, the Receive Tone Control is deactivated.
- The RS-BA1 Version 2 software will support the IC-7610's Scroll mode from its firmware Version 2.40 (coming soon!).

This firmware can be downloaded from the following URL from the Icom Inc website:

More detailed information about the Firmware update can be downloaded here: IC-7610 Version 1.30 Firmware information.

Please note to follow the instructions carefully when performing this update.

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