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Watch our latest Icom radio Videos on our YouTube Channel

Watch our latest Icom radio Videos on our YouTube Channel

We have recently added several new videos to our YouTube channel. The videos focus on a range of products from across all our markets including videos focussing on our latest marine, LTE and two way radio products.

You can watch these videos by clicking the following links:

Introducing the IC-M94D….the World’s First Marine VHF Handheld with AIS Receiver!:
Chris Leech from Icom UK gives his first impressions of the IC-M94DE…the world's first marine VHF handportable radio with an integrated AIS receiver as well as DSC and GPS. Click here to watch!

Icom Overview of the IC-M94D…the World's First Marine VHF Handheld Radio with an Integrated AIS Receiver:
Overview of the Icom IC-M94DE, the first handheld radio that offers users receive information broadcast by other AIS-equipped vessels. Click here to watch!

Reviewing the IC-M37E Buoyant Marine VHF Handheld:
Video overview of the Icom IC-M37E 6W buoyant marine VHF handheld radio. Click here to watch!

Overview of Icom’s GMDSS Radio Solutions
Icom supplies a full VHF and MF/HF solution that meets ITU Class A DSC requirements and European MED 96/98/EC “Wheel Mark” approval for European merchant ships. This short video gives an overview about them.Click here to watch!

The Sturdy Icom IC-M37E Drop in Charger
Video about the IC-M37E’s drop-in charger which has a neat little clip to keep the radio in place...ideal for really rough conditions. Click here to watch!

Two Way, IP, and Satellite Radio
Introducing the Icom IP730D Hybrid LTE/Licenced Professional Two Way Radio:
Video introducing the IP730D series, a new Hybrid radio that can provide nationwide coverage over LTE networks as well as conventional VHF/UHF professional radio mode (IDAS digital/Analogue radio modes) to work locally. Click here to watch!

IC-F3002 Professional Two Way Radio Series - High Performance and Strong Commercial Build!:
Overview of the IC-F3002/F4002 handportable radio series (UK version of the IC-F3000 Series) which offers simple operation, outstanding audio, high performance and solid commercial build for commercial customers. Click here to watch!

Introducing the BP-307 High Capacity Li-Ion battery pack:
Short overview about the BP-307, a new high capacity 7.2V / 3350mAh (typ.) Li-Ion battery pack designed for Icom’s latest range of IP, LTE radio and selected Amateur radio products. Click here to watch!

Introducing the Icom BC-202IP3L Multi connectable Rapid Charger:
Overview of the BC-202IP3L a new multi-connectable rapid charger which can be used with Icom’s range of IP/LTE radios and selected Amateur radio products. Click here to watch!

FA-S103U Quick Release Antenna Connector Kit for the IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT Radio:
Overview of the Icom FA-S103U a quick release antenna connector kit for the IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT radio. Click here to watch!

All these models are available for sale. To find out who your local dealer is, please get in touch with our sales team on 01227741741. To keep up to date with all our latest videos, please click subscribe on our channel.

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