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8.33 kHz versions of Icom IC-A6E and IC-A24E Aviation VHF Transceivers now approved in the UK

8.33 kHz versions of Icom IC-A6E and IC-A24E Aviation VHF Transceivers now approved in the UK

The UK versions of the IC-A6E and IC-A24E Aviation two way transceivers featuring 8.33kHz spacing have now been approved for air use in the United Kingdom by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) (Approval Number LA301075). This approval only applies to 8.33 kHz versions sold in the UK.

The approval takes immediate effect and pilots will be able to use it on their Aircraft Radio Licence application. Full details, including the conditions and limitations, can be found on the Aircraft Equipment page of the CAA website.

Mike Barnard, the CAA’s General Aviation Programme Manager, added: “Pilots who fly aircraft that cannot be equipped with fixed radio sets will now have a viable and safe alternative. Many handheld radios now have the same capabilities as fixed radios but do not interfere with any aircraft systems. Allowing their use in flight will greatly improve the safety of pilots using them.”

The announcement coincides with this year’s Flying Show at the Birmingham NEC, the largest UK event of its kind for sport and recreation aircraft - pilots of which will benefit from the CAA’s decision.

Please note:

• The approval is valid for the handheld equipment only. The installation of accessories, such as chargers, shall be completed under the existing regulations applicable to the aircraft.
• The approval is valid for use in UK registered non EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) aircraft only.
• The approval is valid for use within the UK only.
• The approval is not valid for use in operation in Class A, Class B or Class C airspace.

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