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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! Icom's revolutionary New IP100H WLAN Radio!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! Icom's revolutionary New IP100H WLAN Radio!

Icom showcased a revolutionary, new radio system at the London Boatshow that will provide licence free, yet secure communications for business sectors that are unable to gain coverage or run conventional two way radios. The simplicity of this new system is that the communication is licence free and via a Wireless Local Access Network (WLAN) point….it literally uses the same technology we use to operate our tablets, mobile phones or PC’s.

Icom’s new IP Advanced Radio System provides organisations with a simple radio system which is only restricted in its range by the coverage area of a wireless LAN network. The communication range can easily be extended by adding more access points on an IP network. This makes it an ideal communication tool in areas where radio was previously difficult to reach such as in upper and lower storeys and in complicated building layouts…you can use it in any building that has WLAN. Also as the system uses licence free technology, there are no annual licence fees or call charges to be paid once the systems has been set up. In addition you can add an IP phone or conventional radio equipment to your scheme when used in conjunction with the optional VE-PG3 communication expansion unit.

Main Features
• Licence free radio system using a wireless LAN.
• Users can roam among deployed access points
• Dispersed sites can be connected over an IP network (VPN)
• WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK encryption protects your conversation security
• No licence fee, no call charges
• Use two way radio communications in previous areas where there was no coverage.
• Up to 100 users can be loaded on a system and all users can communicate at the same time
• The IP100FS remote communicator shows user position information based on access point information
• Individual, Group conference call, All call, Area call, Priority call
• Full-duplex communication: Talk and receive simultaneously like a phone call (Optional headset required for IP100H)
• Press to talk operation like a conventional transceiver
• Unique Area call function can call any user who is accessing the specified access point
• Remote stun, kill, revive and monitor function (Transmit from IP100FS only)
• Status call and short data message with vibration alert • Auto provisioning function helps easy transceiver configuration
• IP Phone and analogue transceiver interconnection with VE-PG3
• IPX7 waterproof construction (IP100H only)

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘ There are many organisations such as hotels, restaurants and small shops that have typically used licence free radios because of cost issues and relatively small coverage requirement. They usually suffer from interference, lack of privacy, limited calling features and communication instability because of other users on a busy shared band. For these customers, licensed full powered radios can be difficult to use because of the unavailability of frequency spectrum or the expense of maintaining and licensing a radio scheme. This new Licence free Wireless LAN system brings back cost effective and efficient private communication to this previously unserved customer base.’

These are still preliminarily details for this radio system and specifications may change. Please stay tuned to our website for further details, pricing and availability.

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