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Knowledge Base Article: How to use a Marine VHF Radio!

Knowledge Base Article: How to use a Marine VHF Radio!

Last year, we published an article that explained how to apply for a marine VHF licence. It was extremely popular in assisting our customers in navigating the issues involved in getting their licence. As this was very popular, we have decided to write a follow-up about the basic things you should be looking at when using your marine VHF radio.

The article provides ideas on how to get you comfortable in using your marine VHF radio. We believe the more you are familiar with the features, the more confident you will become using your VHF naturally without thinking about it.

The article focuses on marine VHF radio setup and marine radio procedure and etiquette. To read this article, click here: ‘How to use a Marine VHF Radio!’.

To learn more about our range of marine radios, please visit the Marine VHF Radio section on our website or contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or via the email address below.

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