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Radio Safety Features Introduced to Ambulance Front Line Crew

Radio Safety Features Introduced to Ambulance Front Line Crew

Due to an increase in external pressures facing front line ambulance crews at incidents, Radio Call Cheltenham has developed a radio facility based on the Icom IC-F3GS two way radio which is providing real benefits to the Gloucestershire Ambulance Service National NHS Trust.

Meeting specific requirements detailed by Ambulance Officer Mike Flute, Bernard Sholly of Radio Call Cheltenham has programmed 42 IC-F3GS VHF two way radio handportables to provide quick emergency response when answering calls where there might be confrontation. These radios have been integrated into their existing radio network.

Crews under these circumstances will only have to press the specially programmed red button on the Icom radio to initiate an alarm sequence at Gloucestershire Ambulance control. The radio microphone remains live for ten seconds which gives the control staff an indication of the emergency situation or generally what is going on.

Mike Flute said,’ in this day and age, intense pressures are placed on ambulance staff. Our priority is always the patient but there are occasions where the Ambulance Crew's personal safety is threatened. With this radio enhancement we can not only ensure the safety of the patient but our staff as well at the scene of an incident.’

To contact Radio Call Cheltenham telephone on 01242 250022 or email the address below.

Radio Call Cheltenham -


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