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Icom Launch Next Generation of Avionics Handheld Radios

Icom Launch Next Generation of Avionics Handheld Radios

Icom UK is pleased to launch its next generation of VHF Air Band handheld transceivers…the IC-A6 and IC-A24. The IC-A24 with VOR, and its com-only counterpart, the IC-A6, are the direct successors to the ever-popular IC-A22 and IC-A3 series of Icom handheld radios. Just as those products broke new ground with pilot-friendly features, the IC-A24 continues the tradition by providing even more of the most pilot-requested features.

New features on the IC-A24 and IC-A6 include a channel recall function that allows pilots to recall the ten most recently used channels with the touch of a button; a dedicated 121.5 MHz emergency key to allow pilots fast and easy access to the emergency channel. The new radios have the ability to simultaneously charge and operate from an external power source simultaneously, allowing pilots extra utility in the cockpit.

Usability is a top priority with a larger alphanumeric LCD display for easier reading in the cockpit. A large, easy to use keypad has been incorporated for fast frequency entry. Both the display and keypad are backlit, a very useful feature for night-time flying. In addition the lightweight, rugged units are both water resistant to IPX4.

There are a number of battery options available. Choose from a traditional Ni-Cd, the standard and reliable Ni-MH, or the lightweight, long-lasting Li-Ion. An AA alkaline battery case is also available. Some other key features are; 200 channel memory, allowing pilots to enter frequencies and six letter names for easy identification; side tone, (compatible with almost all aviation headsets), allowing pilots to hear what they are saying during transmissions; and automatic noise limiting, which helps to cut down engine noise while in the air.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom (UK) Ltd said, 'Icom are setting a new benchmark for the handheld market with the IC-A24 and IC-A6. Our customers expect us to produce the best handhelds in the market, and we take that expectation very seriously. As an example, the BNC antenna connection on the radio is convenient for the pilot, since it makes it easy to hook up to the aircraft antenna without having to use loss-inducing adapters.'

The IC-A6 and the IC-A24 will be available from June in two different formats to suit different user requirements. A 'Sport' Pack is available combining the IC-A6 or IC-A24 transceiver with BP-208N AA Battery Case, CP-20 Cigarette Lighter Cable with DC-DC converter, MB-103 Belt clip, FA-B02AR antenna, handstrap and manual.

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