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Introducing the Icom IC-F29DR3 Digital/Analogue Professional Licence Free Two Way Radio

Introducing the Icom IC-F29DR3 Digital/Analogue Professional Licence Free Two Way Radio

The IC-F29DR3 is the latest in a long line of bestselling licence-free PMR446 radios from Icom. Aimed primarily at the professional user, this radio can operate as well as scan in both analogue and digital modes at the same time. This allows an organisation to operate analogue and digital PMR446 radios in their fleet. It also offers a higher degree of digital encryption as well as digitally enhanced audio quality.

The IC-F29DR3 is virtually identical to its predecessor regarding features, ease of use and performance. It provides a great licence-free solution for those businesses and organisations that want short-range communications.

This radio is straightforward to use….there are just three main controls… transmit button, volume control and channel selector. This makes it suitable for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is constantly passed from person to person.

The IC-F29DR3 offers excellent performance and long battery life of up to 26 hours offering flexibility for a wide range of industry and business sectors. The radios are also IP67 waterproof and dustproof rated so they are robust enough to be used outdoors. This new series also has a lone worker function, an essential requirement for Health & Safety. A wide range of accessories is available for this radio, including VOX headsets for hands-free operation.

To view a video introduction about this product, click on: 'Video: 'How Robust is the New Icom IC-F29DR3 Professional Walkie-Talkie Radio?'

For more information on this new model, visit the IC-F29DR3 product page. Alternatively, contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or via email at the address below where we can put you in contact with your local authorised Icom dealer.

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