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IC-905 Availability

IC-905 Availability

We are pleased to announce availability of the IC-905 SHF/ VHF / UHF / All Mode Transceiver. We expect our first deliveries to arrive in early Summer 2023 and anticipate a price of around £3,549.95, including VAT (subject to confirmation). The optional CX-10G 10GHz transverter will follow shortly with a price of around £1,499.95 including VAT (subject to confirmation).

We have a working sample arriving in the next few days and hope to show the IC-905 at the Hamzilla Radio Fest in Ashford, Kent next weekend (12th March).

IC-905 Main Features
• 10W on 144 / 430 / 1200 MHz; 2W on 2400 / 5600 MHz;
  0.5W on 10 GHz* (*Requires CX-10G transverter)
• Large 4.3-inch touch-screen colour LCD
• Real-time, high-speed spectrum scope & waterfall display
• Built-in GPS
• Easy digital-mode settings
• High-performance GPS antenna (supplied)
• Full D-STAR functions (DV/DD mode)
• ATV (Amateur TV) in FM mode
• SD card slot

If you would like further details about the IC-905, you can download the pre-release brochure from the box at the side of this page. You can also watch the following videos which provide a good introduction to this new radio:

- 'Reviewing the Icom IC-905 SHF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver' (Icom UK)
- 'Icom IC-905 Introduction Video' (Icom Inc)
- 'First Working Icom IC-905 at HamCation 2023' (Ham Radio Crash Course)
- 'Close Up Look at the Icom IC-905' (Ham Radio DX)

As you may expect, there will be a lot of interest in this unique product so If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this model contact your Amateur Radio dealer today.

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