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Introducing the HM-249 Hands-Free Kit

Introducing the HM-249 Hands-Free Kit

The HM-249 is a new simple hands-free kit designed for vehicle operation* using selected Icom mobile radios. This new product consists of a main PTT button with RJ-45 modular connector, a remote PTT button, and a microphone. It is compatible with selected Icom digital and analogue two-way radios and LTE and Amateur radio mobiles as well.

Installation of the HM-249 is straightforward with each PTT and the microphone having a 3M type seal on the back to let you attach it to your desired position. The large PTT switch button also has a screw hole for a solid attachment.

HM-249 Product Features
• Small PTT button with 2.5m connection cable: Attach to gear stick or place it near the steering wheel.
• Microphone with 2.5 m connection cable: Attach to the car sun visor etc.
• Large PTT switch button, which has an LED and lights up when transmitting. Has an RJ-45 type modular microphone connector to connect with the mobile radios microphones jack.

*Click here to view an enlarged version of this diagram*

The HM-249 is now available for sale with a suggested retail price of £108.00 inc.VAT.

For more details about this new product, visit our dedicated HM-249 Hands-Free Kit Product Page. Alternatively, contact our sales team at 01227 741741 or via the email below.

* Guidance about the use of radio equipment in vehicles can be found on our website: 'The Use of Two Way Radio Equipment in a Vehicle'.

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