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Icom ID-50E Dual-Band D-STAR Digital Handheld Radio, Coming Soon!

Icom ID-50E Dual-Band D-STAR Digital Handheld Radio, Coming Soon!

Icom recently announced details of the ID-50E, a new dual-band D-STAR digital transceiver to complement Icom's popular ID-52E model, providing even more choice for customers when it comes to D-STAR digital communications.

The ID-50E is a compact VHF/UHF dual bander with both D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) and FM dual modes and looks very much like the popular ID-51E/PLUS.

ID-50E Features:
• Worldwide communication through the D-STAR network
• Band Scope with Waterfall display
• DR (D-STAR Repeater) Function
• Terminal mode and Access Point mode
• D-STAR Text Messaging
• Picture Sharing Function with the ST-ID50A/W picture utility software
• Dualwatch function of VHF/VHF, VHF/UHF and UHF/UHF
• VHF Airband and FM broadcast receiver capability
• Charging with a USB type-C Connector
• Easy-to-see Single Band Mode
• microSD Card Slot
• Built-in GPS
• IPX7 Waterproof and Tough Construction
• 750 mW Loud Audio Output Power
• Shares same optional accessories as ID-52/ID-51/ID-31 Series

Further information about this forthcoming model is on the ID-50E product page. A PDF brochure download is also on the side of this page.

We expect to see this model very soon and anticipate a price of around £449.99 including VAT*.

To download high-resolution images, please visit our image bank at

*Pricing published at 01/06/2023, final price at first production maybe subject to change.

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