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ID-50E Dual-Band D-STAR Digital Handheld Radio, Available Now!

ID-50E Dual-Band D-STAR Digital Handheld Radio, Available Now!

We are pleased to announce that our latest Amateur radio handportable the ID-50E is now available for sale from authorised Icom Amateur radio dealers with a suggested retail price of £449.99 inc.VAT.

As well as operating as a normal FM radio the ID-50E is designed to work on the D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) network, a system widely used by amateur radio operators worldwide. With D-STAR compatibility users gain access to an extensive network of repeaters, reflectors and linking capabilities greatly expanding communication possibilities. The D-STAR DV mode can send not only voice but also image data. Photos from a smart device can be imported into the ID-50E using the ST-ID50A/W picture utility software to exchange photos and QSL cards.

The ID-50E has functions to enhance your radio operating experience. The Band Scope and Waterfall displays can visually show active channels with a wide span and timeline so it is easy to find active channels by sight. The Dualwatch function doubles QSO opportunities to monitor VHF/VHF, VHF/UHF and UHF/UHF bands at the same time.

The ID-50E can also receive both the Airband and the FM bands. Moreover, almost all of the optional accessories for the ID-52/ID-51/ID-31 series transceivers can be shared. A large-capacity battery pack, BP-307, for the IC-705, is available as well.

Main Features
• Global communication reach using the D-STAR network
• Easy D-STAR settings help beginners
• Terminal Mode and Access Point Mode
• Share Picture function with the ST-ID50A/W picture utility software
• Band Scope with Waterfall display
• Dualwatch function of VHF/VHF, VHF/UHF and UHF/UHF
• VHF Airband and FM broadcast receiver capability
• Same optional accessories can be shared with the ID-52/ID-51/ID-31 series transceivers

If you're an experienced amateur radio enthusiast or just starting your journey the ID-50E Dual-Band D-STAR Digital Handheld Radio is the perfect companion. Its impressive features, reliable performance and user-friendly design make it an essential tool for enhancing your communication capabilities.

For further information about this new model, visit the 'ID-50E Dual-Band D-STAR Digital Handheld Radio Transceiver' product page'.

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