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Icom Announces IC-R15 Wideband Receiver at Tokyo Hamfair 2023

Icom Announces IC-R15 Wideband Receiver at Tokyo Hamfair 2023

Icom UK is pleased to provide details of a new receiver coming to its Amateur radio and receiver product range - the IC-R15 wideband receiver. Unveiled at the recent Tokyo Hamfair 2023, the IC-R15 was a surprise show for visitors, capturing their interest with its impressive design and range of features.

The new IC-R15 wideband receiver has a frequency range of 108 to 500 MHz and supports AM/FM modes. Like its predecessor, the IC-R30, the receiver has two VFOs and can simultaneously receive two signals in all frequency bands. The receiver has a large colour LCD screen and features Bluetooth connectivity, a recording function and a Micro SD card slot. In addition, it is possible to charge the IC-R15 via a USB-C connection.

As with recent Icom models, this receiver features an improved user interface, making it easier, especially for beginners who want to get straight on to listen to whatever is on the air. Experienced radio Amateurs and monitoring professionals will also find the IC-R15 an easy-to-use listening device for any purpose. The receiver can be seen as a must for those keen on listening to Airband broadcasts.

Some of the planned features include:
• Wideband receiver for 108-500MHz including FM broadcast (76- 108MHz WFM)
• FM / AM, simultaneously receiving VHF and UHF Airbands.
• TFT colour LCD / Back-lit keys.
• Intuitive menu-driven user interface for ease of use.
• 1000 Memory channels/ 200 Auto-writing memory channels.
• Micro SD Card slot for voice recording.
• Bluetooth for audio accessory connection.
• USB Type-C charging.
• Separate keys for the Scan and Skip functions
• High-speed scan of 150 channels per second
• IPx7 waterproof / MIL-810-G durability.
• W:58 x H:116 x D:33.8 mm / Weight: TBA.

Also at the Tokyo Hamfair, the Icom booth showcased its impressive range of Amateur radio and receiver products, including the IC-PW2 linear amplifier, for which further details have been made available on new IC-PW2 webpages.

One of the other highlights was the presentation of the recently launched IC-905 transceiver, accompanied by its comprehensive range of antennas. The innovative IC-905 SHF all-mode transceiver offers an impressive range of 2m/70 cm/1.2 GHz/2.4 GHz/5.6 GHz bands and, with the optional CX-10G transverter, 10 GHz….not seen before in any off-the-shelf rig.

We expect the IC-R15 to be available in Spring 2024. We have yet to get any pricing details. As soon as we have more confirmed information, we will publish it on this website and our social media channels.

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