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Take Part in the D-STAR QSO Party 2023

Take Part in the D-STAR QSO Party 2023

We are pleased to share details about the 2023 ICOM/JARL-Authorised International D-Star QSO Party. The global event is set to take place over the holiday period beginning at 0:00 (UTC) on the 27th of December 2023 and will continue through to 23:59 (UTC) on the 5th of January 2024.

As in previous years, the aim is to encourage D-STAR operators to communicate with as many other operators worldwide but also to encourage the use of the picture-sending function found in the latest D-STAR radios. For every 30 points gained, those who enter will get into the draw for one of the prizes. In addition, all operators who submit an approved log will be given a D-STAR Party Certificate (PDF) for participating.

To learn more about the event including rules and how to submit your log, visit

The D-Star QSO Party is open to all licensed Amateur radio operators, regardless of their D-STAR experience level. Whether you're a seasoned D-STAR expert or a newcomer eager to explore this technology, this will be a fun way to ring in the new year!

To learn more about D-STAR, visit our article ‘What is D-STAR?’

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