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New VOX Enabled Portable VHF Solution for Mariners

New VOX Enabled Portable VHF Solution for Mariners

icom uk now have a VOX (Voice Operated Transmission) enabled VHF handportable solution for mariners that require voice activated communications at sea.

The new solution features a VOX enabled IC-M73EURO Marine VHF and a new commercial grade ‘Behind-the-Head’ splashproof headset called the HS-M73. The HS-M73 headset is very comfortable to wear and plugs straight into the radio.

The VOX itself operates when a sound is detected over a certain threshold in the radio, particularly when someone speaks. It turns off when they stop speaking.

The VOX sensitivity including gain and delay can be adjusted on the radio to the suit the needs of the end user.

The new solution will be ideal for users who need quality, hands free comms on the water:

• RYA sailing instructors and coaches… the new solution will provide a huge range of benefits in performance coaching.
• Bowman on race yachts.
• Crew comm’s - paying out an anchor laying and mooring etc (husband and wife)
• Race officers and umpires.

The headset will be ‘available to order’ from late March with a suggested retail price of £120.00 inc.VAT.

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