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Icom UK Support the Coxless Rowers in their Epic Pacific Ocean Rowing Expedition.

Icom UK Support the Coxless Rowers in their Epic Pacific Ocean Rowing Expedition.

With less than 100 days to go before the Coxless Crew row off from San Francisco, the crew brought their boat ‘Doris’ to Marlow, home of crew member Emma with one of our ambassadors, the great Sir Steve Redgrave. Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager went to Higginson Park to meet the crew and ask them questions about their epic journey across the Pacific.

The Coxless Crew are four women who will be rowing the Pacific Ocean, 8,446 miles from America to Australia in a world first expedition departing in April 2015. In the process they are hoping to raise a quarter of a million pounds for two charities, Walking With The Wounded and Breast Cancer Care.

Laura Penhaul, Team Leader said, ‘whether for a wounded servicewoman or a survivor of breast cancer, both charities primary focus is supporting women to overcome adversity. The vision of The Coxless Crew challenge is to generate awareness of women who face extreme adversity and to raise funds to support their journey towards long-term health and wellbeing. By completing this challenge the team wish to inspire others to reach for their own potential and to meet the challenges that life throws at them, however big or small. We will all have to face our own Pacific Ocean at some point in our lives.’

Icom will be supporting the team with its IC-M91D VHF/DSC radio. Asked about why they needed it, Laura said,' The Icom Handheld VHF/DSC radio is the best quality waterproof handheld out there. We have worked hard over the last 3 years researching to find only the best quality products for our boat, to maximise our safety. It was without question that we approached Icom and are so fortunate to be supported by them. The handheld for us is a backup in case we loose the use of our electronics and which in a risk of capsize, the Icom's waterproof casing is a reliable back up.‘

Being so close to the expedition, how excited were they. Laura said, ‘After three and a half years of preparation it's exciting to be getting so close to the point of finally doing what we've talked about for so long. It's great to see everything coming together and the support building for the causes we're so passionate about. Certainly with only 3 months to go, the emotions of excitement and nervousness set in with the reality of what we're undertaking, but it's a journey we're all well prepared for and certainly can't wait to take on.'

Everyone at Icom UK wishes the team every success with this mammoth undertaking.

To keep an eye on the teams progress, visit,

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