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MA-500TR Class B AIS Transponder, Coming Soon!

MA-500TR Class B AIS Transponder, Coming Soon!

Since its introduction, AIS (Automatic Identification System) has been rapidly taken up as an essential safety aid, especially as shipping lanes have become busier. Primarily used by commercial shipping for identification and location, the AIS system exchanges information such as MMSI number, position, course, and speed. Today with the introduction of the MA-500TR AIS transponder, owners of leisure and small craft can benefit from this safety technology.

The MA-500TR is a compact, waterproof Class B AIS Transponder which actively notifies other vessels of your exact position. The MA-500TR also has a dual channel receiver allowing boat owners to receive AIS information (both Class A and Class B AIS signals) on two channels simultaneously. This real-time information is then displayed on its large, backlit full dot-matrix display giving the boatowner real-time vessel traffic information thus aiding navigation and collision avoidance.

The MA-500TR’s compact size means that it can for example be installed in a convenient place near the chart table, in the wheelhouse, on the fly bridge or on a pedestal in the cockpit. The MA-500TR features large, easy to use, backlit buttons that will make it easy to operate even in tough conditions. The MA-500TR can be integrated with the Icom IC-M505/IC-M603* allowing you to transmit DSC individual calls to a selected vessel instantly without manual MMSI entry; very handy in an emergency. The MA-500TR AIS data output uses the NMEA 0183 format for easy connectivity to most radars, chart plotters, and navigation systems.

The MA-500TR has several collision-risk management functions. It identifies a target list (those in a local area), dangerous list (those you could potentially collide with) and what the closest point of approach is. A collision alarm and external alarm connection to optional external audio equipment gives the boatowner extra warning of potential impact.

Visitors to the London Boatshow 2010 will be able to see preview products of the MA-500TR on Icom UK stand (N031J). The MA-500TR should be in the shops by the start of the season. No price has yet been set. An optional 3 year warranty will be available for customers who complete their details online.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager at Icom UK Ltd said: “The MA-500TR does what it says on the tin. It’s compact, easy to use and its clear dot matrix display means that it is easy to view other vessel traffic and information. It is the ideal transponder/receiver for any boatowner who wants to make a more informed navigational decision when out at sea. The unit can be integrated with either Icom’s IC-M505* or IC-M603* allowing you to make an individual DSC call instantly from the MA-500TR.”

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