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Icom UK Sponsor G6PZ Contest Group

Icom UK Sponsor G6PZ Contest Group

Icom UK are pleased to be sponsoring the G6PZ Contest Group, based in Eastertown, near Weston Super Mare. The sponsorship involves Icom providing the station with two IC-7700 HF transceivers. From humble beginnings, the station has rapidly moved forward, installing the latest equipment and creating one of the youngest and most successful contest teams in the UK. The G6PZ Contest Group goal is to promote young contesters, particularly those who are members of the World Wide Young Contesters (WWYC). This gives young operators a chance to operate a top grade station that they may not otherwise have access to.

The sponsorship began with Mark Haynes M0DXR contacting Icom UK about supporting the station. He said that the station was 'up and coming' and had a firm commitment into developing youngsters. Icom UK agreed and supplied the team with two IC-7700 HF Transceivers. These two high-end transceivers sit alongside the station's IC-7800 creating a 100% Icom based station.

G6PZ has a long history. It is an old callsign from the 1930’s. G6PZ originally belonged to Ron Weston and was originally issued around 1932. Ron was a professional maritime operator before the war and saw service in the Army and RAF during WW2. He was a member of FOC and RAFARS. Ron finished his career at RAF Locking (near Weston-Super-Mare) as a civilian radio instructor. It is now the call sign of Paul Beecham, and the call sign of his operating station, appropriately near the home of Marconi’s initial transmission. Paul Beecham said,' Ron has been “silent key” for some time now and is sadly missed. He was my friend and mentor and I am very proud and privileged to hold his call.'

So what is the ethos behind the station? Paul Beecham, Station Owner and Mr G6PZ said, 'As a team we are striving to become the best as well as accepting younger operators. We want to win but not at any cost. We want to win, but to have a good time.'

He added, 'As well as the two IC-7700's, that have been kindly, loaned by Icom UK, we have the Icom top of the range transceiver, IC-7800. As part of our equipment set up we use band pass filters, 5 PC’s, Wintest special event software and 3 towers on site. We have a 4 over 4 stack for HF, 4 element Monstir for 40 metres and a Cushcraft (X-7) 7 element tribander. We also have dipoles and loops for the lower bands. Engineered together it allows us to compete against the top operators on all bands.'

He went on to say, 'We are certainly looking at more aerials and beams. We need to change the band pass filters and band decoders to automatically assist our Icom equipment. We are looking for a sponsor for this.'

So why approach Icom for the Rigs? Paul said, 'Icom are a well-known quality radio manufacturer. Now that we are doing a different class of contest, e.g. from multi-single to multi- two, we really need the top equipment to enable us to succeed in this new level.'

He added, 'The radios have performed really well. The filtering on CW has been superb and the Noise Blanker works extremely well. Both IC-7700 radios have worked faultlessly. The units are easy to use, have really nice displays and nice big buttons. I especially like the dual display.'

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager at Icom (UK) Ltd said,' We really are pleased to be supporting G6PZ. We share the same aims of the station in promoting amateur radio and the development of youngsters in the hobby. Look out for some great things from this station.'

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