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ICOM Communication From the Bottom of the World!

ICOM Inc. has received a very interesting contact from Mr. Christopher Post, KC4/N3SIG, regarding his successful operation of the IC-706MK2G at the United States Antarctic Base, McMurdo Station. Mr. Post has kindly agreed to allow us to bring you this information on our website.

Mr. Post is a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician for the United States Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station, and hails from Allentown, PA. He was so impressed with the performance of the IC-706MK2G in the frozen continent, that he decided to let us at ICOM know about it. Here are some of the comments KC4/N3SIG has to say about this rig.

"The 706 worked like a champ, nothing affected its performance. The LCD display didn't even get affected by the sub-zero (-60 deg F/-51 deg C) Antarctic temperatures"

"You guys have a great product. Down here we have a saying that if it can survive here, it can survive anywhere! That's the truth with the 706"

Mr. Post will be departing for Antarctica again for 6 months in August 2002. He will be using the call signs KC4/N3SIG and ZL5CP. ZL5CP is New Zealand's Scott Base call sign, which will be on air for the first time in 10 years.

Good luck with your next expedition, Chris!

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