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IC-7410 HF/6M Amateur Base Station Transceiver, Coming Soon!

IC-7410 HF/6M Amateur Base Station Transceiver, Coming Soon!

We are pleased to provide details of the forthcoming IC-7410 HF/6M Amateur Base Station Transceiver. The new IC-7410 is aimed as a mid range rig for Amateurs who are looking to enjoy the HF bands.

The planned features of this model are as follows.

- 100W HF+50MHz base station transceiver
- All mode (AM / FM / SSB / CW / RTTY)
- +30dBm IP3 class receiver circuitry (HF)
- Standard 15kHz first IF filter, optional 6kHz/3kHz first IF filters (max. three filters total)
- 36kHz IF 32 bit DSP, the same class as used in the IC-7600
- 0.5ppm frequency stability
- Built-in Antenna Tuner
- USB interface for PC control and voice output
- “Band edge beep alarm” helps users avoid off-band operation
- Large B/W LCD screen, ergonomically designed controls -Integrated speech synthesizer

Further details and product availability about this model will be added to this site as soon as we have them.

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