IC-2200H VHF FM Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-2200H 144 MHz mobile transceiver is aimed as the successor to the popular IC-2100H. The IC-2200H inherits a similar design and user interface from its predecessor. However the IC-2200H goes several steps forward with a more powerful PA unit providing 65W of output power and the option of installing the UT-115 digital unit which allows you to add digital voice and data communications features. When connected to an external GPS receiver it is even possible to exchange position information with other stations.

Stable 65W of output power
A newly adopted MOS-FET power amplifier provides a stable 65W output which is selectable in 4-steps (65/25/10/5W).

Digital Unit UT-115
The optional UT-115 allows you to add data communication features to the IC-2200H.

Digital voice
The UT-115 provides digitally modulated and demodulated clear audio. It also allows you to send voice and data simultaneously.

Callsign function
You can store your own and other station callsigns in the memory. Each callsign memory stores 6 callsigns with 8-character comment. Your own callsign and up to a 20-character message can be sent at the beginning of each call. The received callsign and message are decoded on the display.

Position exchange
When you connect the IC-2200H to an external GPS receiver (NMEA 0183 format) your own position information can be exchanged with other stations.

Simple operation retained from the 2100H
The IC-2200H retains the basic panel layout of the IC-2100H with a large tuning dial and backlit display

Durable, dependable construction
Durable, one-piece aluminium, die-cast chassis provides dependable operation, and helps to keep the transceiver cool during heavy operation.

207 memory channels
The IC-2200H has a total of 207 memory channels including 1 call channel and 6 scan edges. Each memory channel stores up to 6-character channel comments, tone setting, skip information, etc. The DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan) system allows you to scan selected banks by simply adding and deleting bank links.

104x 2 DTCS/50 CTCSS tone squelch operation
CTCSS and DTCS tone signalling systems provide quiet stand-by and useful functions such as pocket beep and tone scan.

Pocket beep
Alerts the user with a beep sound when the transceiver receives a signal containing a preset tone.

Tone scan
Detects a repeater's tone frequency simply and quickly.

DTMF and pager operation
16 DTMF autodial memories store up to 24-digit DTMF codes and can be easily sent from the microphone. The optional DTMF decoder, UT-108 provides code squelch/pager operations.

HM-133V, remote control microphone
The supplied HM-133V, remote control microphone, has a 10 button key pad which allows you to enter frequencies directly. The F1/F2 button memorises operating frequencies, tone settings as well as the display colour, and other set mode settings.

  • Stable 65W of output power
  • Optional UT-115 digital unit for digital data communication
  • Easy operation with large tuning dial and backlit display
  • One-piece, die-cast aluminium chassis for reliable operation
  • 207 memory channels
  • 50 CTCSS/104x 2 DTCS encoder/ decoder built-in
  • DTMF and pager operation
  • (Optional UT-108 required)
  • 2 versions available (with/without UT-115)
  • FM narrow capability
  • Wideband receiver 118-174MHz
  • Data jack on the rear panel connects to a PC or GPS receiver via RS-232C cable in the NMEA 0183 or RS-232C format.
  • Selectable amber and green display
  • Selectable squelch delay from auto, short and long
  • Transceiver to transceiver, PC to transceiver cloning
  • Squelch attenuator reduces suppression from strong signals
  • Bank, Priority watch, programmed, memory and full scan functions
  • HM-118TN
    DTMF microphone with keypad backlighting
  • HM-133
    Remote control multi function microphone
  • HM-154/T
    Amateur radio Hand Microphone
  • MB-17A
    Quick release mobile mounting bracket
  • OPC-1132
    DC power cable (3m)
  • OPC-347
    DC Power cable (7m)
  • OPC-440
    Microphone extension cable (5 metre)
  • OPC-441
    Speaker extension cable
  • OPC-474
    Cloning cable, radio-to-radio.
  • OPC-478
    Cloning Cable (PC to transceiver)
  • OPC-589
    Microphone adapter cable
  • OPC-647
    Microphone extension cable (2.5m/8.2ft)
  • SP-10
    Mobile extension speaker (5W 4OHM)
  • UT-108
    Provides DTMF decode capability with code squelch and pager operation.
  • UT-115
    Digital voice/data modulation unit
  • UT-118
    Provides D-STAR DV mode reception.
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