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Over 100,000 Sales Worldwide for the Acclaimed IC-7300 HF Transceiver

Over 100,000 Sales Worldwide for the Acclaimed IC-7300 HF Transceiver

Since its launch in January 2016, the IC-7300 has been a market leader and an absolute game changer. Icom have recently announced that this remarkable model has surpassed a significant milestone in achieving sales of over 100,000 units around the world.

From Day one, the 7300 etched a significant place in Icom's amateur radio lineup boasting our “first-ever” model with RF direct sampling system. This technology converts RF signals directly into digital data which is then processed within the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) using this clever approach the 7300 offers the perfect blend of high performance whilst using a simplified circuit design, all housed in an attractive, compact, and user-friendly end product.

Previously the domain of high-end models, the 7300 also boasts an integrated real-time spectrum scope and waterfall function which considerably enhances receiver performance and maximises QSO opportunities. These features, coupled with its competitive price have firmly established the 7300 as a true benchmark, enjoyed by a broad spectrum of HF enthusiasts – as evidenced by the phenomenal sales results.

'We are delighted that the 7300 has found strong support from our customers worldwide,' said an Icom engineer from the original design team, 'The RF direct sampling transceiver was a significant challenge to us, but our relentless efforts and results allowed us to balance both compactness and high performance into this incredible radio. The 7300 continues to be groundbreaking in Amateur radio technology.'

The International Sales Departments General Manager added, 'The 7300's popularity has been a resounding success across the globe. It has been well received and chosen by a broad range of Amateur Radio users, from beginners to experienced operators, this is all thanks to its reasonable price, its superior performance, and its extensive features. A best-seller in our lineup, we will continue to promote the 7300 to meet ongoing demand.'

For more information about this radio, please visit the 'IC-7300 HF/50/70MHz Transceiver product page'.

To view our video showcasing this fantastic radio, click on 'Reviewing the IC-7300 Software Defined Radio (SDR) HF Radio'.

The IC-7300 is available from all Icom Authorised Amateur Radio dealers.

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