Paddleboard Adventure Company Use Icom Marine Handheld with AIS Receiver For Safety

Paddleboard Adventure Company Use Icom Marine Handheld with AIS Receiver For Safety

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has seen an enormous growth in popularity over recent years offering paddlers a relatively cost-effective route to a sea-based activity, getting fit and seeing some of our fantastic UK coastline. As the sport has developed, paddlers have become bolder and more adventurous, travelling further out to sea. Training and carrying the correct safety equipment, including marine VHF equipment has become essential.

With the development of this sport, paddle schools have opened across the country, offering a safe way to learn in friendly environments. Based in North East Wales, SUP Lass Paddle Adventures offers stand up paddle board (SUP) tuition and adventures in various dynamic environments, plus professional advice and guidance on equipment and water safety.

Caroline Dawson, the owner of SUP Lass Paddle Adventures, said, ‘Over the last 12 months, I have been regularly using the Icom IC-M94DE VHF/DSC buoyant handheld with AIS receiver on all of my sea adventures – both my solo trips and with clients. The radio has given me real peace of mind, especially in remote coastal regions with no mobile phone signal.’

‘In my waterproof bag I carry a brightly stickered tube that contains all of my personal information along with a clear set of instructions on how to operate my radio, it’s distress button and what to do in an emergency. All of my clients are briefed at the start of every trip, just in case something happens to me.’

‘I’ve got into the habit of calling in all of my coastal trips, no matter how big or small, with the Coastguard and providing them with an accurate description of my movements and timings for my trip. The more you do this, the more you get to know who's on watch and it’s surprising how quickly you build a rapport with the regular operators!’

‘I’d like to urge all stand up paddle boarders who are regularly paddling at sea to undertake SRC training along with investing in a VHF radio. It’s much more the norm to carry one in the world of sea kayaking, less so in the world of SUP…. it’s certainly something I would like to see more of.’

Caroline undertook her SRC training with Paul Harrison from Sea Voice Training. She said, ‘Paul went above and beyond to ensure I had the most suitable radio and the knowledge to best use it.’

She added, ’I would also strongly recommend undertaking a coastal navigation course with the likes of the Water Skills Academy, along with paddling and mentoring from more experienced paddlers.’

If you are interested in getting trained by Caroline, visit her website: or follow her on social media @sup_lass. For details about Marine VHF training in the North of England visit: Seavoice Training.


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