Protect Your Marine Electronics against Salt Corrosion

Protect Your Marine Electronics against Salt Corrosion

For marine electronics, the saltwater environment is one of the harshest on earth. It’s a fact that over time, whether you are a yachtsman, powerboater or sea angler that your marine VHF radio and other marine electronic equipment will suffer from salt corrosion.

If corrosion is the bad news, then the good news is there are steps to ensure that your marine VHF radio continues to be your trusty safety aid. As mentioned in most manuals, it is good practice to clean your radio thoroughly with fresh water after exposure to saltwater. Otherwise, keys, switches and controllers may become inoperable due to salt crystallisation.

This simple, practical procedure will ensure that you can prolong the life of not only your marine VHF radio, but any other waterproof portable marine electronic equipment that you might be using. But please ensure it is waterproof before giving it a bath!!

We have a really useful video explaining this on our YouTube Channel. The short video gives tips on how to prevent salt water corrosion of your Icom Marine VHF handheld and how to prolong its life. Click on: How to Prevent Corrosion of Your Icom Marine VHF!

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