RMK-7000 Mounting Kit

Mobile Mounting Kit for the IC-7000


- MB-62 Radio Mounting Bracket
- MB-105 Control Head Mounting Bracket
- OPC-1443 Extension Cable for Control Head

  • IC-7000
    Stylish and compact, the IC-7000 is the first radio in its class to have IF DSP. In fact, with features such as digital IF filter, digital twin PBT and manual notch filter the IC-7000 offers unparalleled performance not seen in a radio in this class before. Usability has also been enhanced with the incorporation of a 2.5 inch colour TFT display, eight direct access buttons and a detachable head for vehicle mounting. In short, the IC-7000 symbolises great leaps in performance, features, operability and design.

  • MB-105
    Mounting bracket for IC-7000 front panel
  • MB-62
    Mobile mounting bracket
  • OPC-1443
    Seperation Cable (3.5 Metres long)
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