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RMS-Net Now available from your RMS-Net Authorised Dealer

RMS-Net Now available from your RMS-Net Authorised Dealer

Icom UK has recently presented a series of RMS-Net training courses to its PMR dealers dedicated to RMS-Net, the innovative and adaptive system product is providing a wide range of organisations with Health and Safety and management reporting features. The course was designed to help dealers develop a better understanding of the RMS-Net System and enable them to pass the benefits of the system on to their customers.

The training covered the major aspects of RMS-Net starting with a basic overview of the system, followed by setting up, programming and ending with troubleshooting. The session also gave a brief overview of digital radio development.

On completing the course each attendee was presented with an individual certificate and the dealership received the title 'Authorised Icom RMS Dealer' enabling them to promote themselves as such.

Speaking about the sessions, Barry Vane, Icom Commercial Dealer Manager, said ' RMS-Net is a complex product and we felt it was necessary to offer training to our dealers. These Authorised Icom RMS Dealers will now be fully equipped to offer the benefits of RMS-Net to new customers as well as having the confidence to support installed systems'.

He went on to say, 'These courses have been a great success. They proved so popular one dealer from Australia attended!'

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