RS-M500 Remote Control App for IC-M510

The RS-M500 is an application that allows your iOS™/Android™ device to remotely use some functions of the IC-M510 VHF Marine Transceiver via WLAN.

Functional overview of this application
- Transmitting and receiving audio
- Changing the operating channel
- Adjusting the squelch level
- Selecting the transmit power
- The Scan function ON/OFF
- Dualwatch or Tri-Watch ON/OFF
- Talking in Intercom mode

Device requirements
- iOS version 12 or later, iPad OS version 13 or later
- Android 8.0 or later

Please note
This application is not designed for emergency DSC communications. As a result there is no DSC operation within or possible with this app.

The RS-M500 remote-control app for use with the IC-M510 can be downloaded from both the Apple app Store and Google Play store

Download RS-M500 app here: (Apple App Store).

Download RS-M500 app here: (Google Play Store).

  • IC-M510E
    The IC-M510E is a stylish, new advanced VHF/DSC marine radio from Icom that gives you control of the radio via your Smartphone using the RS-M500 app (iOS™/Android™). In fact up to three smartphones can act as remote controllers via the radio’s WLAN network. It is even possible to have intercom function between your smartphone and the radio itself.
  • IC-M510E with AIS Receiver
    In addition to the IC-M510E VHF/DSC VHF marine radio that comes with our Smartphone Control, the new AIS version provides users with the ability to receive AIS and see surrounding vessel traffic in real-time whilst also being able to make individual DSC calls to other selected boats.

Ian Lockyer with the help of Virgil Parker from Icom UK's marine department showing a simple demonstration of Smartphone Control of the Icom IC-M510 VHF/DSC marine radio via the RS-M500 Smartphone App.

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