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RS Micro Receives FCS Commendation For Innovative Taxi Solution

RS Micro Receives FCS Commendation For Innovative Taxi Solution

RS Micro has recently been given an important award by the Federation of Communication Services’ (FCS) who act as the representative body for the mobile and telecommunications services industry. The company who are based in Preston received a Highly Commended Certificate for their innovative IR-2008 compliant taxi data solution, developed in conjunction with radio communication supplier, Icom UK.

RS Micro’s innovative taxi solution features an advanced datahead called 'Delta' and a taximeter called 'Tango' that work with the Icom IC-F510 PMR Mobile transceiver. The raw data speed of the Delta datahead is 8 times faster than any other data head currently available so it therfore satisifes the demands of the IR2008 protocol by allowing more users onto a radio channel. An integrated GPS provides the potential for vehicle tracking. Delta can also be connected to a PDA allowing the driver to use applications such as Autoroute to plan their route as well as a high degree of flexibility because the customer can now choose the booking system of their choice.

Commenting on the award to RS Micro, Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK, "All the team at Icom UK are thrilled that Greg Wimlett of RS Micro has received this prestigious commendation. The RS Micro Taxi data system is far in advance of anything that is in the market at present. Not only has Greg devised a product that provides a solution to the problems of spectrum management but he has also put the initiative back into the hands of the PMR business radio dealer.”

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