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Radio Engineers celebrate 25 years service with Icom UK

Radio Engineers celebrate 25 years service with Icom UK

Paul Proudfoot and Tony Barnett have both celebrated 25 years service with the company. Both engineers started in 1988 and have provided valuable service and support to our customers throughout that time. Paul and Tony join a growing club of eight current employees who have worked for the Icom UK for this time.

Paul said,’ I have enjoyed my last 25 years working for Icom UK and look forward to the next 25!‘

Tony added’ Definitely doesn't feel like 25 years, it has gone so quick!’

Dave Stockley, Chairman and Founder of Icom UK Ltd said, ‘Paul and Tony have now been with us for a quarter of century. They provide a valuable service for us modifying and updating larger batches of radios mostly for special orders as well as taking care of repairs and production of custom items.’

They form a friendly and approachable team, integrating with our other workshop staff. We are all proud of the loyalty that both have shown Icom UK!’

Picture Shows Paul & Tony with the Icom UK Directors. (Left to Right; Sam Taylor–Nobbs, Dave Stockley, Paul Proudfoot, Tony Barnett, Andy Stockley, Richard Owen with Bob Stockley at the front).

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